#327 Swimming Towards Excellence with Boston College’s Joe Brinkman and Brian Keane

Joe & Brian share their coaching philosophies and express their love for the sport.

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#327 Swimming Towards Excellence with Boston College’s Joe Brinkman and Brian Keane

It has been a year since Joe Brinkman took over as the Head Coach of Boston College's swim team.

In this discussion, Joe and assistant coach, Brian Keane, share their coaching philosophy, express their love for the sport, and reveal their readiness to nourish potential Olympian-level talents.

These coaches show an impressive dedication towards continuously evolving their training methods and adjusting their approach based on the changing needs of each athlete – essentially, building a highly collaborative and responsive coaching environment.

The conversation also emphasizes the value of mentorship in the journey of a coach, recounting some of their invaluable experiences working with high-profile clubs and coaches. Taking those insights and molding them with their personal philosophies, they've built a robust coaching system.

Moreover, they discuss the excitement they have towards the upcoming swimming sports season, with Olympic Trials on the horizon. Their enthusiasm towards the sport is top shelf, and they are eager to help their athletes achieve their full potential. It's evident they've established strong foundations and believe they are close to achieving their goal of training an Olympian.

With such a dedicated and dynamic coaching team, the future indeed seems bright for these athletes at BC.

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