Claire Curzan talks Everything Kicking, Her Clinical Mindset, & The Road to Paris

What will Ms. Versatile swim at Olympic Trials?

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Claire Curzan is a swimming prodigy. As a youngster from Cary, North Carolina, she broke a zillion NAGs. Then she made the US Olympic Team at 16 years old and won a silver medal on the Women’s 4×100 Medley Relay in Tokyo.

After one year in Palo Alto, she transferred to UVA, and is now training with the Kate Douglass and the Walsh sisters. At the Doha World Championships last month, Claire swept all 3 backstroke events.

Claire gives an inside look at her training process leading up to the Tokyo Olympics. She discusses how she developed her skills from a young age, the importance of kicking and training her kick in all her events, and her new training regiment under UVA Head Coach Todd DeSorbo.

Claire also opens up about overcoming disappointments, balancing multiple strokes in her schedule, and maintaining focus amid the pressures of high-level competition.

She provides insights into her “clinical” mindset, power racks, long course vs. short course, 50’s of strokes in the Olympics, goals for Olympic Trials, and the rivalry between Australia & America.


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Time Stamps:

00:00 Hello Claire Curzan 01:10 Fulfilling one's potential 03:00 Handling Disappointments 05:15 Training Underwaters & Kicking 06:15 Balancing Backstroke 06:40 Cementing Kick Count & Stroke Count 07:50 Kicking on Front vs Back 10:00 Kicking in Practice 11:15 Kick Counts 12:00 Discipline 13:00 Underwaters from SCY to LCM 15:00 Long Course Speed & Power Training 16:20 Training Multiple Strokes 17:34 Tuesday Red Sets with Coach Blaire 19:19 Speed Days, 200 Backstroke Sets, & Power Racks 21:00 Decision to Red Shirt 23:00 Teammates & Competitors? 24:00 Learnings from 1st Olympic Experience 25:25 Clinical 26:45 World Champs Backstroke Sweep 29:00 Future of Specialization in Swimming 31:45 Olympic Trials Event Schedule 33:00 Leadup Schedule to OT's 34:00 In-Season Times vs Best Times 35:15 What makes Todd DeSorbo great? 37:40 Australia vs. USA 39:50 World Records?

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Can the American women prevail over Australia in the 4×100 Free Relay?

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