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  • Daniel Moedas, Portugal's Head Physiotherapist, on Injury Prevention and Peak Performance

Daniel Moedas, Portugal's Head Physiotherapist, on Injury Prevention and Peak Performance

"Injury is an opportunity." - Daniel Moedas

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Daniel Moedas is the head physiotherapist for the Portuguese Swimming Federation. He works with athletes to prevent injuries, optimize performance, and expedite recovery from injuries.

Brett and Daniel talk about common swimming injuries like shoulder issues, the importance of core stability and biomechanics, and Daniel's holistic approach in assessing each athlete. Treatment involves exercise prescription, dryland training, and managing expectations during rehabilitation.

Daniel also provides mental support for his athletes. He helps them cope with expectations and emotions around competitions. Sleep quality, proper nutrition, and individualized recovery plans are the three pillars of the recovery pyramid.

Looking ahead, Daniel hopes to see more investment in young athlete development and education. For the 2024 Olympics, he hopes to improve Portugal's best result by having multiple athletes reach finals.

The professionalism and experience of Daniel and the coaching staff aim to establish Portugal as a globally competitive swimming nation.

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Time Stamps:

00:00 Hello Daniel Moedas 01:30 The role of a physiotherapist 02:00 Why do we focus on physiotherapy in swimming? 03:30 Daniel's primary role 05:20 Lessening drag 07:00 Surgery & rehab 08:35 Most common injury in swimming 10:33 Tendinopathy 12:20 Difference between people who get injured and those who don't 13:40 Core relation to shoulder function 14:50 Strengthening core stability and internal connections 16:30 Dryland routines 18:00 Physiotherapy in age group swimming 21:30 Social media 24:15 Diogo Ribeiro, Portugal's World Champion 27:45 Mental side of performance 31:45 Managing athletes 33:10 The Recovery Pyramid 34:20 Sleep is Number 1 36:20 Common swimming injuries 37:30 Follow Daniel on Instagram 38:00 Portugal Swimming in the lead up to the Paris Olympics 40:30 Hearing the national anthem at Doha World Champs

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