Dean Boxall: Accountability, Mindset, and the Dogged Pursuit of Olympic Gold

We revisit our #1 downloaded podcast of all time.

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This is our #1 listened to podcast of all-time and for good reason. This tell-all interview is an exclusive look inside the mind of perhaps swimming’s top coach, Dean Boxall.

Dean is best known for his role as the coach of Ariarne Titmus, among other swimmers. He gained international attention during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics for his enthusiastic and passionate celebration after Titmus won gold in the 400m freestyle, defeating the greatest of all time, Katie Ledecky.

Boxall's coaching style is often highlighted for its intensity and emotional investment in his swimmers' performances. He works with a group of elite swimmers, focusing on developing their skills to compete at the highest levels of international swimming. His approach to coaching and his visible commitment to his athletes' success have made him a notable figure in the world.

Brett & Dean discuss…

- Boxall's coaching philosophy of holding athletes highly accountable and pushing them mentally to achieve their goals. He focuses on mindset.

- The genesis and evolution of Boxall's coaching relationship with Ariarne Titmus, from when she was far behind Katie Ledecky in times to closing the gap and ultimately winning gold at the 2020 Olympics.

- Boxall's intense training programs and how he helped Titmus regain confidence after a shoulder injury.

- Insights into Boxall's coaching techniques and how he analyzes race plans and performances.

- Discussion of up-and-coming Australian swimmer Mollie O'Callaghan and her talents.

- Boxall's involvement in the International Swimming League and what he learned from top American coaches and athletes.

- In-depth analysis of key swimming races and performances from Titmus and others.

- The challenges Boxall faces balancing his family life with the intense dedication required as a high-level coach. He struggles to find a work-life balance.

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Time Stamps:

00:00 Swimming Partners
04:15 The Reaction
05:00 Emotional recovery
06:30 Dean the Swimmer
08:00 Failed Athlete
10:30 First coaching job
12:24 Michael Bohl
18:05 South Africa
21:30 Australian history
24:00 Susie O'Neill
26:30 Ariarne Titmus
32:20 3 Things
37:15 Celebration Critics
42:30 The Ultimate Warrior
43:57 The Juggernaut Katie Ledecky
48:30 We're here now
53:30 Accountability

"You're trying to beat Katie. There's no cheap gold medals but Katie adds a different value. We pursued that and it was an honor. It was an honor to plan and to talk about it and to dream about it." - Dean Boxall

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