Honoring Ben: Matt Kredich's Story of Loss, Legislation, and Legacy

"One of the best things that we can do as parents and coaches is be the voice in their head that's going to remind them of what they're capable of..."

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Honoring Ben: Matt Kredich's Story of Loss, Legislation, and Legacy

In this emotionally powerful interview (I cried pretty much non stop), Brett sits down with Matt Kredich, the Director of Swimming & Diving at the University of Tennessee.

Matt opens up about the tragic loss of his son, Ben Kredich, and how this heart-wrenching experience has profoundly impacted his life and coaching career. From the initial shock and mourning to the long-term journey of finding purpose, Matt shares his deeply personal story.

They talk about the successful passage of legislation inspired by Ben’s death, aimed at preventing similar tragedies through education.

Matt discusses the remarkable resilience and success of his swim team & staff, who achieved extraordinary results despite the challenging circumstances. He offers insights into his coaching philosophy, shaped by his personal experiences, and shares inspiring stories of his athletes' journeys.

Listen to how Matt balances the intense demands of coaching with empathy and understanding, creating a supportive environment for his team.

This episode is a touching blend of personal loss, professional dedication, and the enduring spirit of community and support. Don't miss this incredible story of turning tragedy into triumph and the lasting legacy of Ben Kredich.

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Time Stamps:
00:00 Hello Matt Kredich 00:30 Ben Kredich 16:30 Ben diagnosed with Autism 23:18 Ben's love for music 27:30 Ben the swimmer 29:25 Ben's accident 30:55 Ben's Legislation 33:30 Reliving this through the trial 38:20 Swimming 40:00 Regan Rothwell 45:20 Coaching with love not anger 53:00 The World is Better if Everyone Can Surf 56:30 "Pushing to the Swell" documentary 58:00 US Olympic Trials