Jack Bauerle: 43 Years of Shaping Champions at the University of Georgia

The Georgia women went 22 straight years without losing a home meet. They won 7 NCAA team titles. His swimmers won 40 Olympic medals.

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Swimming legend Jack Bauerle sits down for an in-depth interview about his storied 43-year career as coach of the University of Georgia swimming program. Coach Jack's swimmers won 7x NCAA team titles and 40 Olympic medals.

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Jack reflects on his influences, coaching philosophies, and the secrets to his incredible success in developing numerous national and Olympic champions. He shares behind-the-scenes stories about coaching (or in some cases, not coaching) iconic swimmers like Nic Fink, Courtney Shealy, and Kristy Kowal.

Throughout the interview, Jack's passion for the sport and care for his athletes shines through.

Brett and Jack also talk a little about Paris 2024, where USA Swimming currently sits, the rise of Chinese Swimming, and the importance of America focusing on long course swimming.

Don’t worry, I already let Brett know that this interview was about 3 hours too short.

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Time Stamps:

00:00 Hello Jack Bauerle 01:05 University of Georgia Legend 04:10 $8,000 in 1979 05:15 Learning from Dick Shoulberg 06:45 Coaching is a People Thing 08:20 3 Breaststrokers: Kevin Cordes + Andrew Wilson + Nic Fink 09:35 Loyal Coaching Staff: Harvey Humphries, Steve Bultman, Carol Capitani, Jerry Champer, Brian Smith 13:30 Relationships 18:30 Missing out on recruits 20:50 Advice for Herbie Behm 25:30 Pillars of Jack's Program 26:00 30% Long Course 27:20 Nic Fink 32:30 Dealing with All Types 36:45 Building a Championship Team 39:00 Paris 2024 41:00 Chinese Swimming 43:00 Staying involved in swimming 44:40 Georgia splitting teams 46:05 Thanks Jack Bauerle

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3 hours too short, amiright?!

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