Enhanced Games: James Magnussen’s $1 Million Plan to Break the 50 Free World Record

Only FDA approved substances are allowed and super suits are back baby!

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Olympic swimmer James Magnussen discusses his ambitious plan to break the 50m freestyle world record with the help of performance enhancements (testosterone/peptides/stem cells).

He was offered $1 million by the new Enhanced Games to break the record.

Maggie details his training approach, the types of enhancements he may use like anti-aging treatments, and his goals of achieving a sub-22 second time without a suit.

Brett provides analysis and believes Maggie has a real shot at success given his commitment level.

This interview provides fascinating insight into the new frontier of enhanced athletic competition.

They talk about…

  • How James was approached by Enhanced Games with a $1 million offer to break the 50m freestyle world record by competing in their new sports league which uses performance enhancements.

  • They discuss the potential backlash and concerns about doping allegations or being a role model, but James believes enhancements can be done safely under medical supervision.

  • James plans to use FDA-approved substances, anti-aging treatments, and the same high-tech suit from 2009 to prepare for his world record attempt.

  • Brett agrees James has a real chance of success given his commitment and the potential advantages from enhancements and equipment.

  • They discuss James' training approach which will focus on strength, technique, and stacking high-quality workouts with the help of enhancements to speed recovery.

  • Finding qualified coaches and access to facilities is challenging given James will be separate from sporting organizations.

  • Both see the enhanced games as an exciting new concept that could push human limits and be highly entertaining for viewers.

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Time Stamps:

00:00 Hello James Magnussen
01:15 $1,000,000 to break the 50 Free WR
06:00 Enhanced Games Sports & Timeline
07:30 Backlash
10:45 Enhancement Options
13:30 Same Suit as Cesar Cielo
17:00 Swimming is a young man's game
18:00 Why the 50 and not the 100?
20:00 Cam McEvoy
21:00 James Magnussen Training
25:00 Recovery
29:30 How'd it feel getting back in the pool?
31:00 Prepping in Australia or abroad?
34:00 Enhanced Games entertainment
37:00 How do you fund your training?
39:45 Can James break the 50 Free World Record?
41:50 Will; you legally compete in the lead up?
43:00 Cesar's World Record
44:55 Post Race Double Bicep Flex

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