Mia O’Leary talks training at Bond University under Chris Mooney

The 17-4 Concept. Athletic Intelligence. Racing is Training.

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Mia O’Leary talks training at Bond University under Chris Mooney

Mia O'Leary, fresh off the Australian A Team's visit to Irvine, California, stops by to tell her story.

Mia grew up in Southeast Asia before randomly meeting Dean Boxall at a meet in Malaysia. At 14, she moved to Australia to begin really focusing on swimming.

She has since moved to Bond University under head coach Chris Mooney, who took over after the Tokyo Olympics. Mia talks in depth about how they train: the 17-4 concept, “athletic intelligence”, and how racing is training.

World Aquatics just announced that Bond will become a World Development Centre, where athletes from developing nations will get to come and train under Coach Mooney alongside Flynn Southam, Maddy Gough, Ben Armbruster, and Mia.


YouTube Time Stamps:

00:00 - Welcome Mia O’Leary!
02:09 - Aussie Sprint Freestyle
04:14 - Leave No Stone Unturned
10:01 - Swimming and Schooling
18:48 - Racing Is Training
21:40 - Training Breakdown
28:43 - The Psychology of Performance
32:19 - Improvements Between Now and Trials
34:59 - Outside Support From Non-Swimmers