Michael Andrew on Life & Swimming

Goals, Pressure, and Professionalism

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#325 Michael Andrew on Life & Swimming

Every time Michael is on the show I’m taken aback by his ability to focus on being grateful. He touches 3rd in the 50 Free by .01, knows he will not qualify for Worlds and will lose his funding, and what does he do? Praises Ryan Held and Jack Alexy and thanks God for being able to be there racing.

Why so many swim fans spit vitriol towards him is so strange to me!

Fresh off the USA Swimming Selection Priority List Controversy (that’s a mouthful), the Olympic gold medalist won’t be competing for Team USA in Japan next week. Instead, he will be cheering his teammates from back home while focusing on his training for Paris.

In this interview, Michael talks about…

  • 00:47 - The Week Since Trials Ended

  • 03:45 - Pressure And Mindset Shift

  • 11:08 - Goals - 20.7 in the 50 Free

  • 15:18 - No Resistance Training!

  • 17:35 - Professionalism - Living On Your Own

  • 20:36 - Your Father As Your Coach

  • 26:00 - The U.S. Priority Controversy

  • 33:27 - Hobbies Outside Of The Pool

  • 34:36 - Michael’s Pick To Win The 50 Free at World Champs

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