UPDATE: Will Pan Zhanle Bring Balance to the Men’s 100 Freestyle?

China's teenage superstar broke the world record with a fever!

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UPDATE: Will Pan Zhanle Bring Balance to the Force Men’s 100 Freestyle?

The first night of World Champs saw a new “Fastest Man Ever” crowned. China’s Pan Zhanle broke Romania’s David Popovici’s 100 Freestyle World Record. The most prestigious event in swimming broken by another teenager.

22.26 + 24.56 = 46.80

Pan has been trying to break the world record since last year’s Asian Games. And he did it with a slight fever.

In early October, I wrote about the Men’s 100 Freestyle and if Pan Zhanle would bring balance to the event. His race strategy of being more of a back end swimmer (4th fastest 2nd 50 ever) had really started shifting towards the front. He started going out much quicker (22.4 & 22.5) at the Asian Games.

Pan had also been doing some crazy experimenting when it comes to breathing. Who else doesn’t breath their first 11 strokes? The footage from the world record race isn’t that great but it looks like he first takes a breath on his 9th stroke this time around.

While I predicted he’d be more balanced (22.42 + 24.35 = 46.77 for a differential of +1.93) he in-fact shifted to the far left of this chart, in between Cesar Cielo (out in 22.14) and Caeleb Dressel (out in 22.29). Front End Speed (FES) is back on top!

Pan’s differential between his two 50’s was +2.30. For the previous fastest man ever, it was +1.38. Complete opposites.

Perhaps even more interesting, compared to his fastest 50 ever (21.92 from December), Pan went out just +.34 off his best 50 to his feet!!

Now imagine Caeleb going out 21.38 to his feet. Insert exploding head emoji.

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