Enhanced Games

The Enhanced Games are a new sports league and platform backed by billionaire Peter Thiel that aims to push the limits of human performance and break world records using various forms of enhancement and augmentation. Some key aspects of the Enhanced Games include: - It will feature Olympic-style sports like swimming, running, gymnastics, weightlifting and combat sports. - Athletes will be allowed and even encouraged to use performance enhancing substances and technologies, as long as they are FDA-approved and prescribed by medical professionals monitoring their health. - The goal is to see how fast, strong and skilled humans can become when typically banned enhancements are permitted in a controlled, medically-supervised manner. - It offers financial incentives for athletes to participate, unlike the Olympics, by providing payment, funding for training/supplementation programs, and large cash prizes for record-breaking performances. - They want to create a new entertainment product around enhanced sports that isn't confined by the same rules and cycles as the Olympics.